Self-confidence, the backbone of a resilient mindset, is essential for any entrepreneur. If you weren’t born with self-confidence, the good news is that you can nurture and strengthen it. Here are tips or leads inspired by smart, creative entrepreneurs, who have also lacked confidence, and still conquer it on a daily basis.

1 – Take risks and learn from your failures

The best way to build your confidence is to take risks, it’s not about getting reckless but just getting out of your comfort zone. Failure is part of the entrepreneurial adventure, it is the best way to learn from your mistakes. Each time you fail, you get one step closer to success.

2 – Keep your stress under control

When you feel stressed, your body goes into fight mode or flight mode. Your heart rate and blood pressure rise, which in some cases penalizes you for thinking calmly and making the right decision. Stress most often leads to making an impulsive decision, which generally generates costly consequences.

It is therefore better to control your stress, several solutions are at your disposal to deal with entrepreneurial stress such as exercising, relaxing with the technique that suits you, practicing positive thinking, trying meditation… Find the formula that suits you. makes you feel good and above all practice every day.

3 – Surround yourself with people who support you

Another way to boost your confidence is through your involvement in an entrepreneur group or community, both online and offline. Joining them gives you support, resources and connections to help you on your journey as an entrepreneur. Attend events, participate in conferences, intervene in forums … you will become familiar with new ideas and new people.

4 – Recognize your talents and qualities

Self-assessment allows you to properly determine your professional added value. Identify the areas of your job that give you pleasure and confidence, what we can call your creative comfort zone, and delegate to a collaborator the task that bores you or in which you are not efficient. If self-assessment seems destabilizing to you, contact a professional to do a complete personality assessment, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, analyzing your choice processes, your interactions with others, etc. It’s up to you to minimize the effects of your weaknesses and focus on developing your strengths and assets, which fuel your sense of confidence.

5 – Surround yourself with collaborators with different skills than yours

Every entrepreneur has different strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your strengths, delegate or outsource your weak points and develop your skills to the best of your ability. It will help you build a well-rounded business and team that supports your vision, and as your business grows, so will your confidence.

6 – Become emotionally resilient through spiritual practice

It is better to be emotionally resilient in order to be able to bounce back from the setbacks and failures that mark the life of the entrepreneur. You will have to face those moments when nothing goes as you planned. To be able to get up and continue your activity, you must acquire an emotional balance with the discipline or disciplines that suit you, sport, yoga, mindfulness mediation, walking in nature… A spiritual practice connects you to something greater. than yourself and gives a sense of peace and calm. Find what works for you and incorporate it into your daily routine to refocus and find strength in times of stress.

7 – Develop your business expertise and find a mentor

Read books, articles on entrepreneurship and success, looking for new concepts that open up different perspectives. Listen to podcasts or watch videos on entrepreneurship, so many great resources that will help boost your confidence. One of the best things you can do, too, is find a mentor, a mentor who has been through the entrepreneurial journey successfully and will support you along the way. Having a mentor is taking advantage of someone by exchanging ideas, offering advice and recommendations, and helping you stay motivated.

8 – Celebrate your successes

Celebrating success builds self-confidence. Stopping to congratulate yourself or others even for small successes, it means becoming aware of the path taken, the actions taken, the efforts made, the results obtained and the skills and abilities that generated them. And that motivates to move forward and continue. Taking this time to celebrate the road traveled makes you stay positive about the future, reassures you about your ability to face obstacles to obtain what you want to obtain as a result in your job. The great success is the addition of thousands of small successes, a succession of small progress, modest daily conquests, failures overcome… to reach your final goal…